Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Domino has Dropped!

Happy World Ballet Day!

During the late part of 2021, musical artist Mikaela Krall, lead of the band Dipped, approached me about a collaborative project. Dipped was releasing a new album in 2022 and Mikaela had a unique vision for one of her songs as a dance/ video project. 

As collaborations work, we meet. We talked. We got to know each other through our artistic voices. We dreamt. We planned. We worked. 

We tried some things. They didn't work. 

We tried some other things. 

Mikaela focused on the music. I focused on the dance. Independently, we worked. We came back together. 

Covid. We needed to be flexible in our process and timing. 

The project grew and changed as it took on its own identity and we added more voices. We listened to the work; reflected; continued. 

In February 2022, we performed Domino to a live audience as part of the Reading Fringe Festival. In May, we created the video. 

On October 22, the video dropped. 

Watch it here: 

I'm incredible proud of the dedication, perseverance and creativity of this team. Thank you! 

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