Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Driveway moments... thank you NPR!


Author Sapphire just released a new book The Kid, a sequel to her first book. I listened because it's my practice to turn on NPR. I like stories.


Sapphire's main character, a young boy, is saved from a life of abuse and trouble by dance. When asked why Sapphire chose dance for this character, she responded so matter-of-fact-ly that this child had been abused his whole life. The most holistic and logical way for him to reconnect with his body and therefore find his voice, power, and sense of self worth was through dance. His goal of being a dancer kept him out of trouble, from hurting other people, and off the streets. She describes the power of dance in this interview in a way that makes so much sense. It's wonderful to hear my sentiments echoed by a powerful speaker and writer.

Thank you, Sapphire for understanding why we do what we do as dancers.

The Kid is the next book on my reading list.

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