Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cooking choreography

The elements of dance are body, time, space, and energy. Think of these as ingredients. If you have (or you give my mother-in-law) water, flour, salt, and beef, you (Ms. Marsha, I mean) can make a really mean breakfast of southern biscuits and gravy. Ms. Marsha is a skilled cook. She can take almost anything (including gluten-free flour) and with a little effort and time, can create something delicious. Like Ms. Marsha, it takes a skilled choreographer to create something visually delicious out of time, space, energy, and bodies. (Metaphorically delicious. Do not eat the bodies, please...) And it takes a lot of time, patience, and practice to get to the point where one can create something visually delicious.

I think Ms. Marsha spent a lot of time dumping and burning and making mistakes in cooking, throwing things out, and trying again. I am reminded that, again, it takes a lot of time to work out a system of understanding your tools, whether they be flour and water or bodies and space. Neither is an easy challenge.

So, thanks Ms. Marsha... pass the gluten-free biscuits.

Recipes to follow, soon!

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