Saturday, August 20, 2011

Body. Time. Space.

Ideas come floating back. Things that I have been working on for years return. Questions. Problems. Issues. Love.

Body. Time. Space. is a "new" work for the Fringe this year, but it's far from new. The concepts are old. Very old. Older than me. But that's a bit of the point.

Four bodies - beautiful bodies in space. and in time. And what's different is their execution. Beautiful. Unique. Years of training live in these bodies and that is why the movement is so simple. I want the audience to see the power of the trained body onstage. Performance training. Kinesthetic training. These things are clearly evident when a dancer is doing multiple spins and jumps and tricks, but that's what many people expect to see. Spins. Jumps. Tricks. What about the quiet moments when it's just the body and the space in time? Simple? Yes. Boring? Maybe to some. But just about as boring as watching a flower unfold in the morning. Simple beauty. Perfect beauty just the way it is. No embellishments.

I'm really excited and terrified about this piece.

The performances are September 1 and 2 at 8pm at the Chi Movement Arts Center.

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