Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back in the studio with NGPP

We began rehearing for Trinity Project - Phase II last night. I love being back in the studio with the Nora Gibson Performance Project.

Getting the material from Phase I back into my body was an interesting process. This is the second piece this year that I've revisited - the first was Kun-Yang Lin/ Dancers' Mandala Project for JIPA.

As my body recovers the steps and movement, I am overwhelmed by the memories of the previous year. The body has so much memory! Things that my mind has forgotten, my body remembers - places and events that have nothing to do with the work, directly, but were occurring during it's creation and therefore hold a place in my body and the work. Old kinesthetic habits resurface. It's surprising to me, in the moment, that when I revisit a piece in my new, current body, that she remembers so much. Much negotiation brings the old material into a new form. It's exciting!

And as I revisit the first movements, the second and third follow on their own. The story of the movement has been latent, but quickly resurfaces.

Exciting adventures!

The performance of Trinity Project - Phase II is at the Painted Bride Arts Center on December 2-3.

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