Sunday, October 9, 2011


Kirsten Kaschock is a beautiful dancer, writer, thinker, and person. We actually met four years ago taking class together at Koresh. For me, it was one of those meetings where I knew our paths would cross again. 

Kirsten is a PhD candidate at Temple, but that's only one of her many degrees. She's so smart! Her clever mind is very clear in her latest book, SLEIGHT. It's described as än acutely literary sci-fi rhapsody about inter-dimensional dance, and the tortured relationships between the dancers."

She's on an exciting national book tour and her Philadelphia celebration is tonight, October 9th at 7pm, upstairs at L'Etage (on the corner of Bainbridge and 6th Streets). She asked me to perform a translation of her book. 

I love working with Kirsten as a choreographer. She's so attentive to details and clear about her movement vocabulary. I'm honored to help bring her work to life. 

Here's Kirsten's blog:


  1. I didn't get a chance to say so after the performance but you were LOVELY. Your work was beautiful and left us wanting more.

    A pleasure to meet you lady.

    ~Sara Rose~

  2. Sara, Thank you! It was lovely to meet you as well! I hope our paths cross again!