Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day!

Over the years, my father and I have compiled an album's worth of post-performance pictures. This was particularly poignant  (meaningful?, ironic? iconic?) because it was taken after the performance of BBT's 35th Anniversary Gala. Much of the album would be of me growing up at BBT with Dad, usually holding some flowers, still in costume, dreaming about dancing for the rest of my life. Well... this picture is not in costume, not entirely "grown up," but definitely dancing for the rest of my life. Thanks, Dad, and Mom, for your continued love and support of my dreams. (And yes, this is pretty representative of my wonderful relationship with my parents).

Happy Fathers' Day to all dads, whatever form that takes and whatever that means to you. We have so many different family structures and models for love; it takes great strength and courage to be a parent. Thank you!

And since I missed a Mothers' Day post (sorry Mom! I still called and visited...) Here's a picture of my mom and me. I love this one, taken on a very special trip to Becky's wedding (see earlier posts).

Thank you, again, so the very special people who choose to nurture, change, and shape our future though (positive) parenting and love.

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