Saturday, June 16, 2012

Recent events...

Several life times ago, a student asked me, "Why is there a two month gap on your blog?" Yikes. The real answer was because I was too afraid to sit down with myself and my process and write and create; I was honest with her. Now, as I realize there's been another long delay in my posts, I need to make another confession. I've just been busy. (I know, not a fair excuse). I will take some time to reflect in writing, but here are some images and videos from the past month:

April 27 National Dance Week. Random Act of Culture (Non-Violent, Dance "Flash Mob") at 30th Street Station in support of Hope Dances, an organization that brings dance to children with special needs.

One of my favorite moments from this day was when some of the bystanders shouted, "Hey! They're spelling HOPE!" and started learning the dance. Success!

May 4 Alvernia University's Dance Concert.
I had the opportunity to work with traditional university students and members of the Alvernia University Seniors' College, sharing dance with people of all abilities and backgrounds. Here's some footage of the work we did during the course of the semester. All pictures have been taken with permission of the artists and used with permission of the photographers.

I also led the students from Alvernia in several service learning projects. Dance and service learning are new research interests of mine!

May 15 The Moving Beauty Dance Lab in NYC.
Cassandra Cotta performed "Excavations." My choreography. Music by Tracy Scott Silverman.

warming up in the hall...

May 18 InHale Performance Series, Presented by Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers at the CHI Movement Arts Center. 
We had an evening of amazing artists. 

May 19 Berks Ballet Theatre's 35th Anniverary Gala at the Miller Center for the Performing Arts in Reading. (There are some corrections to be made in the article, but it's a nice read).

Some of the BBT alumni: (I looked up to these wonderful women as I was growing up)

Kaveh Saidi has graciously allowed me to use his music for this duet. This is a video of the tech rehearsal, so it's still in process, but it's the only video I have right now. I will re-post the performance video once I get that. 
More about Kaveh at

June 4 and beyond...
CHI Artists Summer Workshops... Dance everyday!
There's an incredible line up of master teachers guiding dancers through daily dance practices at the CHI Movement Arts Center. To date, we're heading into our third, very full week. Marcie Mamura and Ellie Goudie-Averill taught the first week and Ellie is teaching June 25-29. Peter DiMuro taught last week and will be guiding further investigations next week. Classes are from 10:30am-12pm, Monday-Friday. For more info:

I'm also continuing to lead ballet barre, M-F from 9:30-10:15am. 

Whew... and those are just the updates... more to come!

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