Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dance as Magic Medicine

MB entered the studio frazzled  The trip to the studio was troublesome and the damage from the recent storm made a normally difficult journey worse. MB was shaking. Violently. The medication that the trip delayed was much needed. MB needed the snack brought to class and have some water before taking the medication. The water bounced out of the bottle as the tremors rocked MB.

The body is amazing. And the willpower of the people that I work with who have Parkinson's Disease keep fighting with the disease that has taken over their bodies. I am humbled by their challenge and their determination. I am humbled by their acceptance of the fight and the decision not to allow an external force to take over. even if it means falling and getting back up again. and again. and again. and again. They continue to persevere... to dance.

MB makes the journey to the circle of chairs in the middle of the room.

I turn on the music and about two minutes into our first exercise, the tremors have stopped - almost completely. MB's movements are smooth. Slow (and designed by the exercise). Directed. Familiar to this dancing body.

Dear reader, have you every witnessed a true energetic transformation? I've heard of people "lighting up"... MB's energy changed from something scattered, dark, and clouded to weightless, open, receptive, and bright.

Dance is powerful. Transformative  I am so grateful to share this gift of dance through the Dance for PD program.

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