Saturday, November 17, 2012

the embodiment project - reflection by Kristine M.

This was originally written in April, 2012, but it took some time to post. Kristine is working in Occupational Therapy with people from a variety of populations. 

"Jessica Warchal-King taught me another method of using my body in a therapeutic way. Working with JCWK helped me to develop my own philosophy on therapy and the use of my body. God gave me a body with no major problems. I believe that I am called to use my body to help others heal their bodies. In this matter, I am just using another modality to praise His name, which is very important to me. Before working with JCWK, I did not realize how many different ways I could do this. I knew about using my voice (as a member of a choir and as a singer), and about using technique I learned in the OT (occupational therapy) classroom. Although these methods are important, they are not everything. I now know how I can use dance and movement to help heal a person's body and soul.

Dance has given me something to be passionate about. I love to sing, but I hate practicing by myself. Since starting to learn dance technique, I find myself dancing everywhere, especially when music is playing. I voluntarily practice on my own, or I get together with friends (who have also danced with JCWK and are very supportive), and we just dance for fun. I find myself wanting to dance all the time."

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