Monday, January 19, 2015

Dancing on a day of service

I'm super interested in the way that dance is a form of service.

Dance performance - the act of seeing, being seen, and sharing (To my audience, I see you. Do you realize that? There might be a 4th wall in performance, but I know you're there. Your energy feeds me as a performer. The fact that I'm performing is acknowledging that you're there - even if you're the only one in the audience, you're there. Your presence is acknowledging me and my performance acknowledges you. Thank you for sharing this experience. Your presence feeds me as a choreographer. What do you want to know? What do you love and feel and experience? How can we connect? Thank you for sharing in the dance!)

Dance education - the act of sharing and experiencing. Non-verbal communication is powerful and the body in motion creates this communication. Ted Talks - Amy Cuddy - Body Language. In developing an understanding of our bodies, we develop a better understanding of ourselves. In developing a better understanding of ourselves, I believe that we develop a better understanding of those around us. We develop empathy through moving together and the dance classroom is a perfect staging ground for this. Yes, the dance studio is laden with preconceived ideas of what a "dancer" looks like... BUT! Curtains can be closed over the mirrors. We can dance together without judgement! A plie is a metaphor for understanding transitions in everyday life.....

Dance practice - understanding another person through the act of moving with him/her. Dancing together brings happiness. Many Western occasions for dancing do surround happiness - celebrations, and social gatherings are times we dance together. But what happens after the dance? or during the dance? A smile. Enjoyment. Connection. Community.

I believe that Dance is service. And there are many ways in which to engage in the Dance. As a mover. As a producer. As a choreographer. As an observer.

How are you dancing, today?

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