Monday, January 26, 2015

Moving together

I had a dear friend, who was associated with the military, visit recently. I mention his relationship with the military because it demonstrates a dedication to something larger than self and a dedication to the body.

Those engaged in the military, like dancers, train intensely.

As I began a Pilates workout, he asked to join.

Rolling like a ball (It's really called that)? Corkscrew (something not related to wine)? Swan (Not some tight-knit ballerina)?

Let's do it!

Find your lower abdominals. (That place two inches below your belly button. That place where you suck in when your pants are too tight -from the dryer. Now breathe! Let go of your quads or hip flexors. Try flexing your feet during this practice to engage your relationship between the heels and the "sits bones" and release the engagement of the front of the legs, ie. quads and superficial hip flexors).

I led him through a beginner Power Pilates Mat workou,t as I had been trained.

"That's the real deal!" he observed.

Yep! That. And Mr. Joe Pilates worked to develop core strength in veterans before moving onto full body integration.

(But that's not the point.)

The point is that he and I moved together and created a deeper understanding of our bodies in space and time and life.

That by moving together, we were more deeply connected.

Moving together - "working out" - created a shared embodied experience.

What's the point? (Besides increased abdominal stability?)

That, I'm still exploring. But something in sharing the Pilates hundred (and the rest of the practice) invited me to share more... at least in time and space and movement. But perhaps not verbal communication.

What are your experiences? Have you noticed that you are more connected with someone after you move together (be it skiing, working out, or dancing)?

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