Friday, February 13, 2015

Thank you, KYL/D, InHale, & the Philly Dance Community

KYL/D's 24th InHale Performance Series was pretty awesome! Thank you to KYL/D,  the many artists, tech people and volunteers, and the community that came out the support and engage in this amazing evening of dance and performance!

At every InHale, I am grateful for the opportunity to make new friends and see the artistic growth of old friends.

I am also especially humbled by the support I received for my newest work (in)visible veins. Thank you to my dancers, David Cullen who provided me with permission to use his version of Bach's 6th Cello Suite, everyone who came to see the performance, and to everyone who provided me with feedback!

Thanks to Brandi Ou for taking this shot of (in)visible veins during our tech. Thanks to Ashley Frankhouser for the very cool lighting! "It looks like a horseshoe crab shell" someone said to me! Dancer, KC Chun-Manning.

And thank you to Kind, Inc. for providing delicious Kind Bars for us to keep us going (the artists and the audience)!

I was a little extra busy this InHale, so I'm sharing some photos I neglected to post from October's InHale. Thank you!

Our amazing Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, & Sound crew Ashley Frankhouser talking with choreographer Meredith Stapleton and Technical Assistant Corey Melancon checking off the list of things that need to be done to produce the performance. 

Me and Technical Assistant Amy Schofield prepping the space for the performance. 

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