Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thank you, Franklin & Marshall

Lancaster, PA is popular for many reasons. The unique lifestyle of the Amish. The excellent food and crafts created by the Amish communities. In 2013, neighboring Litiz was voted America's Coolest Small Town by Budget Travel (admittedly, it is pretty cool). It's history. It's proximity to some of the country's largest cities. And it's dance...?

I was invited to be a guest artist and teach a master class for Franklin and Marshall's dance program. (They have a Dance Major, a Minor, and Dance Company and classes that are available to the entire college community). What an amazing experience! Thank you, F&M!

The bright, windowed studio with lofted ceilings took my breath away as I peered into the space before my first class. And it's good that the ceilings were so high because the students had so much energy! In the classes that I observed and the classes that I taught, I was inspired by the enthusiasm and the "dive in head first" approach to movement and movement ideas that these students embodied.

F&M has a powerhouse faculty, many of whom I know from previous worlds in my life, but it was really exhilarating to see so many talented movers and thinkers in the same space!

Sometimes, as an artist, I feel isolated because I spend a lot of time by myself, either traveling to classes, rehearsals, and performances, or planning classes and rehearsals, or reviewing choreography, or training on my own for the specific needs of my body. But, when I have the opportunity to see the creative community in action, like I did at F&M, I'm grateful that I'm not alone on this journey! I'm grateful for the many dancers who are continuing the process!

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Franklin & Marshall Dance

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