Friday, August 28, 2015

Returning and reflecting and revisiting

The Rivers Merge Dance Festival in Easton celebrates "the rising level of dance in the Lehigh Valley and the 40th anniversary of the LVAIC Dance Consortium". I'm revisiting (in)visible veins with a new cast of dancers from the Lehigh Valley at Easton's Scott Park, September 26th and 27th. This opportunity is very exciting for me because

1. it is allowing me to reflect on all I learned from the staged performances in the Spring.
2. I have the opportunity to integrate the additional research from performance.
3. I had a dream of presenting the work outside, near the water and incorporating members from the immediate community. With this new investigation - (in)visible veins: Rivers Merge I am able to do both.

The screendance organization Lehigh Valley Dancers interviewed me about this process and about my experiences with dance in the Lehigh Valley. Check it out:

More about the Rivers Merge Dance Festival

More on Lehigh Valley Dancers

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