Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moving through muddy waters

Friends and strangers surrounded me on Saturday evening.

For the second time in four weeks, I unfolded the layers of my process and practice.

I believe dance and performance are service.

I believe dance is a vehicle for non-violent, positive social change.

I believe that artists who dance can be proficient in psychical technique, performance technique, and in the techniques of embodied empathy. (I'm learning and unpacking how to talk about, execute, and coach all of these).

I believe in story-telling and story-sharing.

I believe that in movement, we develop a better understanding of our bodies. In better understanding our bodies, we better know ourselves. In better knowing ourselves, we have the capacity to sympathize, empathize, and be patient with others. In patience, we can build bridges.

I believe we all have bodies; therefore, we can all move. We experience the world through these bodies and our bodies hold our stories.

The past few weeks have demonstrated that I'm not alone in these ideas. At this moment in time, these threads are very much needed in the fabric of our society.

Where do you need to be known? Be seen? Share your story? Move? Matter?

*    *    *    *    *    *

Thank you PhiladelphiaDance.org and The Whole Shebang for the In Process residency. Thank you to the friends, family, and supporters who participated in the 90 minute private showing for "Left Behind".

Thank you Widener University and the City of Chester for hosting the Dance and Creative Placemaking Workshop in June. Thank you to the friends and strangers who comprised the audience for the Friday performance and the workshop participants who collaborated and challenged each other to use dance as a form of community building.

Thanks, to each of you for taking a risk and joining me on this journey! I'm grateful for your trust as I continue to dig into the layers and depths of my process and slowly allow the murkiness to settle into clarity and understanding.

Until the next time...

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