Monday, September 26, 2016

Reflections, Thank You, & One More Time!

It's been a week since "Breach: Left Behind" with Alison Saar at Lafayette College. The experience was incredible; thank you to everyone who participated in the event, the process, and the journey!

We're showing "Breach: Left Behind" again on Saturday, October 1st at 11am, again, in the Grossman Gallery at Lafayette College as part of an arts celebration in Easton, PA.

"A tear, destruction, and ending, and then healing..
Once again, I have been privileged to photograph the final presentation and collaboration between beautiful dancers and visual artist. Photographing this group led by Jessica Warchalk-King (choreographer) from the initial gathering of creating thought to the finale on Sunday Sept 18th was one of the most amazing experiences I have every encountered in my artist career. These photographs represent the final performance within an art gallery where a visual artist Alison Saar had created her own works of art, representative of the catastrophe and the impact on African Americans living along the Mississippi Delta. The emotional impact for me as a photographer is representative within these last photographs, diluted of any color, merely showing the raw impact of this collaboration. Grateful to all of the dancers, but especially to Jessica Warchalk-King, who gave me this rare opportunity... and most beautiful gift to my soul..." ~Ellen Rosenberg

More reflections and pics from the journey to come!


  1. Ellen, thank you so much for sharing your artistry, your time and energy, and so many of your thoughts and stories during this process!