Wednesday, October 5, 2016

NDEO 2016

I'm heading to the National Dance Education Organization National Conference this weekend to share the research process of "(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge" from last year.

Shortly after the September 2015 performances, some of the students wrote about their experiences, publicly, in the DeSales publication for Dance Majors: (in)visible veins: Rivers Merge.

And some students shared their reflections with me:

"I learned that while dance is always unique to the individual, that does not mean it 'doesn't work' on someone else. Each body has its own story to tell, so I feel that it is necessary to hear it from everyone."

"The little things in life are what make it beautiful. I learned that I often disregard them and I hope to appreciate the small things more now."

"I will focus more on things seen and unseen throughout my life, and how they affect me."

"It affected me in the sense that it made me more aware of my surroundings, as well as the energy that I contribute to my surroundings. It was inspiring to know that with this work, we were given the power to change our hearts and our minds."

A few moments from the performance:

I'll also be co-presenting on KYL/D's "HOME/ S 9th St." and the ways that company used the process to share and educate about dance performance and practice. 

I'm looking forward to re-connecting with dance educators from across the country!

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