Friday, August 30, 2019

Is your body your HOME?

Included below is a reflection by Dance Artist Sarena on BODY as HOME.

"What does it mean to call my body home?

To have the complete sensation of feeling all parts of myself
As one singular organism
Orchestrated to a single harmony
Vibrating with all passions that make me feel alive

It is about reversing the chatter
That scorns my bodyweight, and my personality

By remembering what is beneath and between all those self-conscious stories
A remembering of my consciousness itself

That some force animated me to share my persona with this world
That every day when I open my eyes 
I can make choices
To see light and beauty in everyone and everything that I touch

It is a deep feeling of safety
An indeterminable trust

What does it mean to call my body home?
It Is to know that I am never alone
That I am in all ways

All one"

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