Sunday, August 25, 2019

Reflection in Poetry

Below is a poem created by Dance Artist Sarena in reflection of the HOMEbody process.

Home isn’t a place
It’s a feeling that swells inside of us 
When we’ve stopped living in longing.

When we switch the story from needing more
To having enough exactly as we are right now
And with this, a settling arrives,
The body begins to stop running marathons for the mind.
The body is granted the time and space to heal itself.
The heart beat slows
And you feel the soft rush of complacency
A tender sensation, like being caressed by someone you love.

To have a home, to be home
Are such separate entities
To be home, to feel home
Are worlds apart.
Who makes the walls that separate us from coming home?
My mind, my stories, my window, my world view, 
My thought patterns, my fears, my future projections
There are millions of ways to build walls
But the body won’t thank you
The soul won’t thank you
The spirit will long to be free from the cage you’ve built

Do we have the power
Right now. In this moment
To break down the walls and and speak a new story.
With this next breath.
“Inhale, I have arrived.
Exhale, I am home (thich nhat hanh).”

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