Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Layers of listening

Musician/ composer/ community builder Paul Fejko and I have worked together on several projects. HOMEbody is the second long-form piece that Paul has created for me and I'm so grateful for his insight, the way he listens, and the way he hears.

As I did with the dancers and with videographer Jake Buczewski, Paul and I had many conversations not just about home, but also about aesthetic and audience development and process. The collaborative process wasn't just about the theme of the work, but also about the who we are as artists and why this work is important at this time.

I listen to Paul's soundscore as I'm driving - and I drive a lot. It's allowed me to listen when I'm focused and when my mind is drifting. It's allowed me to inhabit the sound in a way different than when I'm moving.

The score for HOMEbody is layered. There are layers of light and joy and happiness. There are layers of struggle and confusion and constraint. There are opportunities where positive energies and challenging energies coexist. There are moments when it's up to the listener to decide what they hear and to what they'll pay attention.

The more I listen, the more I appreciate how much Paul has heard all of the nuances I wanted to embed into this creative journey.

Thanks, Paul!


  1. How can I get an mp4 of this score? It may be possible that music is the only way to Embrace the complexity of your concept, or original question on home withoutvresorting to meme building.

  2. Hi, Michael! Thanks for writing! Much of Paul's music is available on his website: http://www.fejko.com/. I'll also send you an email!