Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Wheels of Light 2009-2020

Let's take a minute with all of the 2020 memes and jokes about 2020 vision, reflection, insight... (feel free to include your favs in the comments).


In all seriousness, I was really excited that Reading Theater Project's 2020 5-Minute Fringe Festival theme was "Mirror" with a focus on women. 

I was also excited (albeit a little aggravated) that their performances coincided with my scheduled performance of HOMEbody in Philadelphia.

But all things that are meant to be will find a way.

Reading-based dance artist Emily Coppa agreed to join JCWK Dance Lab and embody Wheels of Light for RTP's 5-Minute Fringe. (Thank you, Emily!)

And it's with 2020 vision (kinda?) that I return to Wheels of Light. 

This was an opportunity to revisit this solo and the academic and embodied research. The process of Wheels of Light, in 2009, was a catalyst in defining my current artistic vision and philosophy. This process in 2020 is allowing me to realize some of the goals and dreams I began forming 11 years ago - in developing my artistic community and creating opportunities for professional level concert dance.

A mirror allows us to see one version of ourself and each mirror provides a different perspective. A mirror allows us to see what's behind us in addition to an immediate reflection of ourself in the moment.

RTP's Fringe 2020 and HOMEbody 2020 is an opportunity to reflect on what's in my past while simultaneously taking a realistic look at the artist I've become.

Click here for a look back at my original research. 

Pic by Bill Hebert

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