Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Behind the Movement - Adaptations

Thanks to everyone who's shared in Reading Theater Project's Adaptations! 

I've been thinking and reflecting and writing, but not posting publicly because I think there are folks whose voices need to be louder than mine. They need to be heard and lifted up. I've been reaching out and doing work quietly through Covid isolation, but I've missed the sense of connection and community that being around/ moving around other people provides. 

I'm grateful for the challenge from Reading Theater Project to participate in Adaptations. Click here to check out Artistic Director Vicki Haller Graff's introduction to the experiment. 

Chris Hesslop share his inspiration for elements of the music. In collaborating about one of four musical options, Vicki and I settled on HiLo. Here's what Chris had to say about HiLo:

The musical piece is called HiLo. In case you don't want to watch the short video above, Chris described that the adaptation of HiLo was taking two ends of the musical scale, putting them together and seeing what might develop. 

As I reflected on the music and my own feelings about the past few months, I began to appreciate the paradox of opposites. I tried to similarly play with as many opposites as I could fit into a short rehearsal/ filming time frame and length of the total work. Some of those opposites included:

A digital platform (video) to present a natural form (outdoor landscape, human body).

Clear technological edits and digital manipulation of the human body.

Business attire against a natural landscape.

A collared shirt-dress and bare feet. 

Framing and constricted audience views against an open space. 

Light and shadow.

Movement and stillness. 

Sound and silence.

What else do you see? 

Check out the full Experiment Event here: RTP's Adaptations

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