Friday, August 28, 2020

HOMEbody - audience comments

Included below is some of the written feedback we received from the live presentations of HOMEbody. In person, the performance consisted of a spoken welcome, a guided body scan, my solo Shed, Jake Buczewski's mini-documentary, and the 34 minute HOMEbody. 

Audience comments from November 2019 in Reading, PA. Presented by Alvernia University. 

~reminded me of the beautiful lines of ballet, modern, very European. I loved the foundation of the work and the continuity of the movement. 

~ It evoked feelings of a story told within the dance. Deeply personal. Though I am interested in what evoked some of the movements, they belong personal. Part of the intrigue...


~ It was a wonderful exploration of what home feels like to me and how I identify with my feelings of "home" and comfort. 

~ Get the word out! Quickly! Performances like this should be sold out. 

~ Wonderful to see such high quality dance in Berks County. 

~Loved it! So happy you are here and doing this work. 

~ Amazing Talent!

~ First experience with interpretative dance. Left me feeling I could watch the performance over and over again - so much to unpack. Very beautiful. 

Audience comments from February 2020 in Philadelphia, PA. 

~Inner struggles. Interpersonal connection and turmoil. 

~ Impressive and moving! Keep up the great work! 

~ Contentment, beauty, comfort

~ Lovely performance. 

~ The two solos reminded me of babies learning about their bodies and exploring them. Maybe it's because I'm a new mom, but this reminds me that my body was my baby's first home. And now she and I are learning to be comfortable in our bodies and they both develop in new ways. I saw the solos before but it's very interesting to see them in the context of the whole. 

~ Music + Dance = Excellent! 

~ Trust. Vulnerability. Suffering. Healing. 

~ The complexities of relationships with those close to you. 

We'll continue to update with comments from Fringe 2020!

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