Thursday, September 17, 2020

Published Reviews for The Other Side of the Window Screen

 Thank you to everyone who has already participated in The Other Side of the Window Screen. We've had an incredible audience response and the Fringe Arts Fringe 2020 still has a few more weeks! 

Here's what the reviewers are saying...

Camille Bacon-Smith wrote in Broad Street Review:

"Arms are often held up, angled or outstretched, as if the dancers are reaching for something just out of their grasp. Home, maybe - a concept we perpetually seek, but seldom find. When I thought of "home" in the piece, though, I envisioned not a place but the bodies we inhabit, the lived bodies of the dancers, and our own bodies as we unconsciously synchronize with the movement on the screen."

Read more here.

By Jane Fries for's The Dance Journal

"...evokative of sci-fi royality, they burst into digital life..."

"HOMEbody is a dance of shifting moods..."

"...liquid movements... precise yet curiously enigmatic..."

"quietly transporting"

Read more of Jane Fries's review by clicking here. 

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