Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marley's down...

It's really show time when the marley goes down.

It's an extensive process... laying the floor. Taping it down. Ensuring that there are no dangerous bubbles.

Tedious. Time consuming. Important. Here's where the details become so important.

It's not about aesthetic, but it's about the safety of the performers. And so the marley needs to be rolled out in advance. It needs time to settle and breathe. It needs to be laid properly so the performers don't trip or catch a toenail on an uneven edge and bleed all over the stage.

The marley is just the beginning of the "load in" process that makes the performance magic.

But, the marley's been laid. And the performance is about to occur. Here's to the magic...

(Oh... I'm referring to the InHale Performance Series:
InHale Promo Video
InHale tickets
KYL/D presents the InHale Performance Series )

Marley laying requires a lot of attention to detail and precision taping to prevent injuries during performance. rehearsal, or class (ie, lost toe nails, tripping over uneven edges, unstable balances... scary stuff that can easily be prevented. As I remember my father saying "Proper planning prevents poor performance." I think he stole it from a military recruiter, but applied it to many life situation... and to dance.).

The finished product!