Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project 2013: Attack Beauty.

I'm accepting a challenge from Nachmo! National Choreography Month (Your choreographic kick in the pants).

31 days of dance with an opportunity to show what you've been working on during January in February. 31 days is just the kick I need.

There are two parts to this project, but this is the first aspect of my research. And, although its almost the middle of January, I have been vigilant and been wrestling with this.

In fact, I've been wrestling with this for some tie. Lord Bryon's She Walks in Beauty has been one of my favorite poems for over 15 years.

What makes something beautiful? We hear it often and in different contexts.:
"If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person..."
"That sunset is beautiful"
"Beauty comes from within"

Pinterest is full of pages of images... check them out, yourself:

I found the following story am adding it to my research box:
(Emily Shroder, Rachel Manteuffel, John W. Poole and Tom Shroder contributed to this report")

For those of you not interested in clicking the link, the story tells of an experiment supported by the Washington Post. Joshua Bell performed in the DC metro incognito for 45 minutes, but was ignored by passersby. For the duration, he was tossed a total of $32.17.  He regularly sells out venues where tickets cost $100 or more.
This article asks:
"Do you have time for beauty?" ("Shouldn't you?")
"In a banal setting at an inconvenient time, would beauty transcend?"

"It's an old epistemological debate... Plato weighted in one it, and philosophers for two millennia afterward: What is beauty? Is it a measurable fact (Gottfried Leibniz), or merely an opinion (David Hume) or is it a little of each, colored by the immediate state of mind of the observer (Immanuel Kant)?"

Does/ can beauty only exist in a frame? And if so, why is it necessary to box it in?

So, here's to a new process... one that I'm sure will be longer than the immediate deadlines I'm giving myself. Stay tuned...

For more info on Joshua Bell:


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