Saturday, June 8, 2013

Charles O. Anderson

Charles O. Anderson is the founder of Dance Theater X. 

Charles O. Anderson is on the faculty at the University of Austin.

Charles O. Anderson was my mentor at Muhlenberg and for a few years afterward.

Charles O. Anderson laughed at me when I missed his class for an audition in New York. He shook his head and said, "Jessica, you'll do almost anything to dance, won't you?" So? What's wrong with that? "Just be careful. You'll figure it out." Charles O. Anderson always gave me direction, but also always told me that I'd figure it out.

I'm still figuring it out.

Charles O. Anderson is the reason why I moved to Philly. Shortly after my undergarduate career had ended, I found myself alone in a foreign city, teaching, dancing, but completely confused and not happy. In a panic, I contacted those I most trusted. Charles provided me with some suggestions, one of which was to re-locate to Philly. And I'm still figuring the rest out, but I'm grateful for his advice.

Charles O. Anderson is returning to Philly for one day only - tomorrow, Sunday June 9th. He's giving a master class at CHI MAC.

Pre-register here.

Charles O. Anderson

Choreography by Charles O. Anderson, 2005


  1. A former student just mentioned she had come across this online! Thanks, Jessica. If it makes you feel any better- I'm still figuring out as well. Which makes me think of another of your mentors- Jennifer Kayle- who said, "It's all about the search." :-)

  2. Thank YOU, Charles! Thank you for your challenges, insight, and reports from the field! Thank you for your continued dedication to dance and to those who have crossed your path. Thank you for the encouragement to keep searching and figuring it out! Your voice and Jennifer's are ever present in my heart and mind. Thank you!