Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kinesthetic re-organization

The (my) body is constantly changing. Developing new habits. New pathways. New adjustments.

A constant correction I've received, usually in ballet class, was that my pelvis was anteriorly tilted. This is an issue because it displaces my weight and doesn't allow my pelvis to float effortlessly over my femur heads. My Y-ligament is shortened, as are my hip flexor muscles, which doesn't allow my pelvic muscles to fully support me.

I've attributed this to several anatomical imbalances - we all have them and imbalances are natural and common. I've learned how to negotiate, despite these. But, these imbalances tweek my knee, my metatarsals, and my lumbar spine.

I've been taking Pilates and am enrolled in a Mat Certification. The Pilates training is strenghtening and lengthening my core and abs. I can feel my hip flexors opening and my pelvis being able to slide forward into a more stable position for control and balance. If I can better use my core, I will be more efficient and effective.

So, while all of this new upright-ness is lengthening my lumbar spine and providing me with more support, when I'm asked to allow my torso to float forward and slightly on an angle, in an African-Modern dance class, my muscle memory is confused. And I need to laugh at myself and realize that this new training method is totally messing with the body in which I'm accustomed to dancing. I find it fun and exciting to learn and grow more in this new body, develop new awarenesses, and find new pathways.

And thanks to everyone who came out to Charles's class last Sunday at CHI MAC - what fun!

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