Monday, March 30, 2020

I grieve for... I'm grateful for...

How are you?

I have to admit, I've been simultaneously motivated to try and figure out what I can do and paralyzed. What can I do?

Scott Berinato, writing for the Harvard Business Review, reminds us that we will be feeling grief during this time. And to honor that. There is much to grieve.

But I also believe that there is much for which to be grateful. Even when we are immediately (or for the foreseeable future) struggling.

In the moments when I'm down, I've begun a practice. I state the things for which I'm grieving, mourning, and fear.

Having acknowledged them, I can also state things for which I'm grateful, even if they're in the past.

For example, I'm grieving a chance to explore my creative process with other dancers in the studio. But, I'm grateful that we re-scheduled HOMEbody for February.

I'm grieving physical interaction with folks who have been mentoring me this year. I'm grateful for online practices just as email and Zoom.

I'm grieving the loss of financial and economic security for many of my peers, students, and friends. I'm grateful for independent organizations and individuals who are stepping up to help the arts and the increased awareness of the importance of the gig economy. And... the motivation to do something about these insecurities.

What are you grieving? For what are you grateful?

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