Saturday, March 14, 2020

Tiny dances for new times - Covid19 Creative Challenge 1

Friends, the Covid-19 excitement is presenting challenges for us all. Please stay safe. Please take all precautions recommended by the CDC (or your respective governments if you're reading this outside of the US).

In the meantime, as we're spending more time in one spot, this is an opportunity to be creative!

We'll be developing new habits in the coming days. Let's make them fun!

So... here's my #Covid19CreativeChallenge #Covid19Dance! (Post to social media or just send it out to the Universe. I feel your energy!)

The song "Happy Birthday" is about 4 counts of 8 in 4/4 time. (12345678. 12345678. 12345678. 12345678.) 4/4 time can be described as "walking time;" so, image counting to 8 as you take steps in your natural pace.

Singing "Happy Birthday" twice is the recommended time for washing hands during this time (and probably anytime).


Create a dance that can be done WHILE YOU WASH YOUR HANDS that is 8 counts of 8.

Post it here in the comments or where ever you post with the tags: #covid19dance #danceeverywhere #getcreative #jcwkdancelab

Paul Fejko has created a special version of "Happy Birthday" to get you started:

Check out more of Paul's music by clicking here.

I look forward to seeing your dances! 

Stay tuned for more....!

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