Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dancing Horseshoe Crabs at Widener University

This is an amazing weekend of dance!

Today, my students at Widener University share their perspective on some similar research to that of (in)visible veins. 

(A giant THANK YOU to everyone who came out to that performance, Friday!!!!)

There are some very special elements to this performance:

1) Dean Dr. Francis Weaver, an amazing biologist at Widener, does research on horseshoe crabs. She shared the biological aspects of these nifty creatures with my dancers. My dancers were able to make metaphorical connections between the horseshoe crabs and their own lives - being tossed in the waves, molting, needing to grow and leave "barnacles" behind... who knew horseshoe crab development was so relevant to undergraduate life?

2) We're performing with the Chamber Music Program! Wow! Dancing to live music is so very special! Thank you, Dr. Parker for bringing us together!

3) Collaboration. Interdisciplinary research. Multiple modes of learning and processing. Developing leadership and team-building skills. Storytelling. Community building. Self-reflection. These skills were all engaged during this semester and are present in the performance. #whydancematters

Come see the performance! It's free and open to the public, but seating is limited! Show time is 3pm.

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