Monday, April 27, 2015

Press from Unveiled

A giant "Thank You" to everyone who shared Unveiled with us!

We had a full house and are so grateful for all of the support and feedback we've received.

Kat Richter and Bill Hebert shared some of their impressions for The Dance Journal and Kirsten Kaschock wrote a review for thINKingDANCE. Check out some quotes and links to the full articles below.

"...two words came to mind about this choreographic project: taste and invitation. And indeed, throughout the piece, the generosity of the movement and the sometimes careful and more often care-taking focus of the five dancers moved both in- and outwards."

Read more of Kirsten's review: Unveiled: Authorial Intent
Kirsten has a beautiful way of weaving words together and I deeply appreciate her perspective. Thank you for "seeing" the work!

"...'We're not the only women going through transitions. Let's just show this to the world.'..."
Read more of Kat Richter's preview: Preview: Unveiled with Jessica Warchal-King and Brandi Ou
During my interview with Kat, she asked some challenging questions. Thank you, Kat for capturing the essence of the performance!

"Sometimes it's important to see things from a different perspective."
Read and see more of Bill Hebert's Behind the Lens article: A Lesson and then a look at Unveiled from a different perspective
I'm so grateful that Bill felt empowered to play with his craft during the performance! I think so much of this research has been about discovering and listening to new perspectives.


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