Tuesday, September 22, 2015

(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge in process

Sunday we were so lucky to share the tech/ dress rehearsal for (in)visible veins: Rivers Merge with the city of Easton's 2015 Riverside Festival of the Arts! Pictured below is the schedule of events that was posted throughout Riverside Park. 

When doing an outdoor performance, part of the performance practice is being aware that we're always "on stage". Very much like the traditional theatre setting, we needed to be prepared to improvise within the intention of the work, if necessary. By rehearsing outside, we had the opportunity to experience the sun in our eyes, enthusiastic passers-by, bugs, and the changing of the temperature as the evening progressed. We also needed to get accustomed to the space - not only being outside, but performing in a way that projected our energy and intention way out into the universe. Usually, in a theatre, the space is already contained. Outside, there is no limit to the space and therefore, the performers need to adjust the way we perform. 

We began our rehearsal at the Amphitheater with a beautiful view of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers merging in the background. 

As you can see, the Amphitheater has a huge audience seating space and we did have an audience for our warm up - a guided improvisation of finding internally and externally circular pathways, plies, tendues, and swings. Blake, our technician, set up speakers for us to amplify our music and Kelly, the coordinator of Choreographers on Campus and the Rivers Merge Dance Festival, was on site to help curious onlookers understand what was happening and to let them know about the Rivers Merge Dance Festival next week at Scott Park and The Williams Center for the Arts at Lafayette College. 

There were local bands playing at Scott Park until 5pm, so after our initial rehearsal in the Amphitheater, we moved over to Scott Park and really dropped into the performance practice. We talked about how to negotiate where the audience might be and how to fill the space, both with our physical movement and with our energy. Again, Blake and Kelly were on site to help with the technical issues and administer information to members of the public who provided an audience for us during the rehearsal.

The lighting will be a little different on Friday and Saturday as the world continues to rotate around the sun and the seasons change, but I'm really excited for the performance! Some of the audience members said that it was a really "magical and calming" experience.

The Morning Call previewed the Arts Festival. Thanks for the shout out! Riverside Festival of the Arts

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