Thursday, September 24, 2015

Merging stories:veins and throughlines

The Delaware and Lehigh Rivers converge in Easton and then travel to Philly, create a barrier between NJ and Delaware in the Delaware Bay, and join the Atlantic Ocean. Easton is a small, but important stop on the journey.

The point where the rivers met in Easton was/ is sacred Native American ground. 

Presenting (in)visible veins: Rivers Merge in the Lehigh Valley is particularly poignant to me because:
1. I'm returning to a place that was highly influential in my young artistic life. 
2. It was a young artist's dream of mine to build community through dance. I have the opportunity to do that in this work. 
3. I am re-connecting with a good friend and colleague through dance. 

And this is the heart of this post. 

Angela Sigley Grossman and I first merged in grad school at Temple University. We had both completed our undergrad in the Lehigh Valley, but it was at Temple where we connected. Angela was always able to make light of any grad-school frustrations and was a genius when it came to understanding musical structures. She was fearless in attacking the challenge of pairing physical expectations with music and guided us (those in her grad school cohort) in breaking sound and movement partnerships into understandable phrases.

Angela has stood by my side many times, including at my wedding. She has been a patient, reassuring presence in my creative exploration of princesses, mousetraps and watermelons, chakras, the ocean, and now, horseshoe crabs and the interconnectedness of human relationships, society, and the environment. 

I am so grateful for her confidence in this current project. I am grateful for her continued professionalism and friendship. I am grateful that she has been a sounding board for my artistic growth. Thanks, Angela!

Here is her professional bio:
"Angela Sigley Grossman is an Assistant Professor of Dance at DeSales University. She holds an MFA degree in dance performance and choreography from Temple University and a BA degree in dance as a magna cum laude graduate of DeSales University. Angela has presented choreographic work at Temple University, St. Gregory's University, DeSales University, the American College Dance Association, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and the Baltimore Dance Invitational and has performed for various local and nationally known independent choreographers. Angela has also designed lighting for dance performances in the Philadelphia area. Previously, she has taught at Temple University and the Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Performing Arts."

A brief look at our journey through photos:

"Doris Says..." a performance based upon breaking the rules in Doris Humphrey's "The Art of Making Dances"

"Doris Says..." a performance based upon breaking the rules in Doris Humphrey's "The Art of Making Dances"

"Doris Says..." a performance based upon breaking the rules in Doris Humphrey's "The Art of Making Dances"
Grad school, Faculty Concert 2008. Choreography by Lisa Kraus

Grad school. My MFA thesis microcosmic current
Mousetrap - Philly Fringe 2008

Angela's MFA thesis - The Rented World

Angela is performing with me on Friday and Saturday as part of (in)visible veins: Rivers Merge and is also presenting her own work in the staged performance on Friday and Saturday at 8pm at the Williams Center for the Arts. Tickets are free, but seating is limited, so call and reserve your tickets. More info on Rivers Merge

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