Thursday, September 24, 2015

(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge - FAQ's and what you need to know if you're attending

A few things you might want to know if you're coming:

1. What's going on? 
2 nights, 2 sites, 4 performances. Friday & Saturday/ September 25th & 26th. 6pm at Easton's Scott Park (Riverside) (in)visible veins: Rivers Merge choreography by me. 8pm at the Williams Center for the Arts at Lafayette College - "Diverse performances, choreography by Lehigh Valley-based choreographers" to "Celebrate the rising level of dance in the Lehigh Valley and the 40th anniversary of the LVAIC Dance Consortium". 

2. How do I get there? Where do I park? What can I do if I come early?
Check out directions: here
There is on street parking at the Riverside Park in Easton, or you can park at the Williams Center. Choreographers on Campus has arranged for a bus to transport audience members from the Williams Center to Scott Park and back. 
Easton is a very lively town! Check out this link for things to do in Easton and the surrounding areas: Discover the Lehigh Valley

3. What time does the show start?
(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge starts at 6pm at Scott Park. The staged performance is at 8pm at the Williams Center for the Arts. 

4. Is there assigned seating? 
(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge is an outdoor performance and there is no assigned seating. If you have difficulty standing for more than 30 minutes, please bring a blanket to sit on or outdoor seating as if you would to a picnic or outdoor festival. 

5. How long is the performance?
(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge is approximately 26 minutes. 

6. This is really awesome! Can I take pictures or video?
(in)visible veins: Rivers Merge is a unique performance. You are welcome to take pictures and/ or video. If you post these publicly, please credit Jessica Warchal-King with the choreography and David Cullen with the music. You can also find a list of the performers in the program. Also use the hashtags #riversmergedance  #jcwk #jcwkembodimentproject. 

7. I have to pee! 
There are no restrooms at Scott Park. Please take care of any personal needs before coming to the performance. 

8. This is awesome! What's next? 
Please contact Jessica at for updates on The Embodiment Project and future performances of (in)visible veins. Also, please come and spend the evening at the Williams Center for the Arts for more amazing dance! 

Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to seeing you!

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